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5 Best Local Dishes to Try in Bali

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If you are a gourmand and you are traveling to Bali in the near future then you are in the right place because here, in this article we are going to present you 5 best local dishes to try in Bali. Therefore, take some time and read all the information so that you know exactly what to choose in terms of food. Take a seat and carefully read what this place has to offer in terms of cuisine.

1. Pisang Goreng

This is a traditional dessert that you must not forget to try when you go to Bali. These fried bananas taste absolutely incredible, given the fact that they are served with honey or palm sugar syrup. You can either try them just like that or you could add vanilla ice cream for an extra flavor. However, if you like bananas, then you will definitely like Pisang Goreng, which is not only very delicious but very healthy as well.

2. Mie Goreng

Fried noodles are served all over the world but they do not taste as good as they taste in Bali. They are cooked with chicken, vegetables, prawns, and peanut sauce. We do not know the recipes, but it is certainly a very good one, as the flavor is amazing. You can also choose to try the recipe with pickled vegetables. All in all, this local dish is a very popular one, and extremely loved by all tourists.

3. Lawar

Lawar is another lovely dish you need to try on your holiday in Bali. This wonderful recipe includes various ingredients such as vegetables, meat, grated coconut, and spices. You will see that in restaurants this dish is being served on top of banana leaves, which is without a doubt very creative and impressive at the same time. There are two types of Lawar, red and white. The white version doesn’t contain meat and it is perfect for vegetarians.

4. Bakso

If you like meatballs, then this dish will certainly be to your liking. This is actually a soup with Indonesian meatballs. In some places, it is served just like that, whereas in others it may contain tofu, noodles, and some herbs as well. However, we guarantee that it tastes absolutely delicious. Therefore, for anyone who wants to try the Indonesian cuisine, this dish is a very popular one and we strongly recommend you to try it.

5. Sayur Urab

This local dish is very tasty and also perfect for vegetarians. It contains a mix of vegetables, and it is very healthy. It is usually served cold, but if you want you can also try it hot. The main ingredients of this dish are green beans and bean sprouts. Sayur Urab looks like a salad, but it tastes amazing. The locals love it and as far as they say many tourists as well. It is excellent especially in the hot days of summer, but as mentioned earlier try the cold version. You will certainly like it a lot more than the hot one. With so many delicious foods, we hope you are not on diet.





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